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Dear Reader,

We hope you had a productive and entertaining week, especially those of you who were (or still are) at IDFA in Amsterdam. Two days ago, the winners of the competition programs have been announced from among which "In A Whisper" by Heidi Hassan and Patricia Pérez Fernández won the IDFA Award for Best Feature-Length Documentary. Traditionally, there is, of course, an extensive list of films that were awarded in a variety of different categories but it is not possible to mention them all in the limited space of this editorial, so we provided a comprehensive overview on our website here. Considering the importance of awards in general, and those of IDFA in particular, we, of course, congratulate the filmmakers and the involved project teams on their success. Apart from that, we held our annual General Assembly during IDFA and we're currently in the process of doing the follow-up with regards to the outcome of the event. Moreover, please note that the next editions of our online calendar updates for festival and doc industry events are now available here and here, so if you have some ideas or documentaries in the pipeline that you're considering to submit, maybe these upcoming events are the right platform for your current documentary film or project.

Have a nice weekend,
The EDN Team

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