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Earlier this week, IDFA has published the list of projects that have been selected for the upcoming edition of IDFA Forum, the premiere co-financing and co-production market for creative documentaries. We were delighted to see The Tigress mentioned in the list, a project that took part in Lisbon Docs last year. We're always happy to keep track of the success that the project teams achieve, and officially being part of IDFA Forum is certainly one of those achievements that are so desirable for many filmmakers. But there are also other former EDN workshop projects that have been recognized through awards earlier this year. You can read more about these in our latest edition of our article series "EDN Congratulates". Largely related to what has been mentioned so far is the 2019 edition of Lisbon Docs, which came to a close last Saturday. It was a real pleasure for us to run this annual pitching workshop (check out the photos here) and the feedback by everyone involved has been great. We would again like to thank all participants, the tutors and the panel of international experts for making Lisbon Docs such a great experience. We're confident that many of the films that were pitched will actually be made and we look forward to seeing them on the festival circuit, on television and SVOD or wherever else they may reach their targeted audiences in the future!

Have a nice weekend,
The EDN Team

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