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ISSUE #30: 8 - 14 September 2019.
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Hoping you've had a productive week, we're back with our weekly update to provide you with the latest information on documentary industry news and events. In this context, we're happy to let you know that our Moving Docs initiative has been awarded funding through Creative Europe for the fifth year in a row. We're also delighted to note, that the UK company 'Together Films' is among the audience engagement partners of the upcoming edition of the programme. Moving Docs is an innovative pan-European Film Network for the joint distribution of documentaries across Europe. You can find more details on the latest funding results, with a focus on UK companies and organisations, on the website of Creative Europe UK here. Apart from that, we're always determined to provide extensive information on festivals and documentary industry events, especially in view of all the important deadlines you need to know in order to submit your projects or films. Therefore, we always keep our online calendars for festivals and events updated — that said, you can now explore the upcoming deadlines for September in our sneak previews here and here. We recommend checking our extensive online resources from time to time in order to not miss out on potential opportunities for your projects in development or completed films. By the way: if you would like to propose an industry event or festival to include in our online calendars, you can always contact our colleague Kateryna Lybanieva via and she will be happy to include it.

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