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If you're one of our members, you might be interested in taking our latest Online Survey which is really very short and shouldn't take more than two minutes to complete. The survey aims to reveal a bit more about how our members assess our products and services, which new offers they would like to see introduced and a variety of other aspects related to EDN memberships. We appreciate your time and any comments and suggestions are welcome. On another note, we're delighted to officially welcome our new staff member Laimis Zelnys to the team. Laimis is EDN Content & Partnerships Manager and looks back on many years of experience in the media and film industry. The pan-European distribution platform Moving Docs and our Creative Europe programmes are just a few of the activities that Laimis is coordinating at EDN. Among other things, he previously worked as production manager on the multi-episode series Droners for Insight TV. If you would like to read more about Laimis and his professional background, please have a look at our news section here. And finally, we always appreciate when we're being approached by other industry sectors, pointing to interesting free resources such as this guide on writing a career development plan, provided by the University of York. While not so much documentary-related, it still includes a great variety of general aspects to consider when it comes to planning careers in any sector or branch.

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Documentaries, both in tv broadcasts as well as online (interactives, VR and other platforms) and on demand are VPRO’s top priority. With Dutch in-house productions, co-productions, acquisitions, some international co-productions and pre-buys. VPRO is also the main sponsor of IDFA. In primetime films need to be accessible for a large audience, topical and often agenda setting or following. Late night slots aim to push boundaries with documentaries; either morally, topically or in the experimental way of storytelling or visualization. Most documentaries are shown on NPO 2. 
VPRO is part of the Dutch public broadcasting system (NPO), together with 7 other public broadcasters in the Netherlands. 
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