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Hoping that you're having a great Summer, we're happy to let you know that EDN members can now benefit from two new discount offers that we have just published on our website. You can now save up to €60 on IDFA Festival Passes and Docs for Sale Acquisition Passes. On top of that, EDN members can save 20% on compelling aerial footage provided by HOsiHO for use in your documentary with a worldwide license. Please also check our member discount section with many more discounts allowing you to save hundreds of euros on documentary-related events and services. Apart from that, we would like to let you know that filmmakers have one week left to apply with their documentary project for DOX in Vitro, an initiative introducing emerging documentarians to the European film market. The submission deadline is 16 August, for more information about the programme and how to apply, please visit our website here.  

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EDN Members Save 20% on Aerial Stock Footage from HOsiHO

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