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We hope you had a smooth transition into 2020 and the chance to enjoy a few days off over the holiday period. And what better way is there to welcome the New Year than by presenting a brand new discount to our members? As of today, documentary professionals who are members of our network can save up to 25% on post-production services for their documentary film project through FILMMORE, a post-production service provider known for having performed post-production work on a variety of acclaimed documentary projects (click here for more details). The available services of FILMMORE include editing, visual effects, color-grading, rushes transcoding, international deliverables and many other services that filmmakers may need when it comes to finalizing a project. Documentary projects that were made using services by FILMMORE include: Waiting for August (Prod: Clin d’oeill Films | Dir: Teodora Ana Mihai), Inside the Chinese Closet (Prod: NTR, YLE | Dir: Sophia Luvara ), A Family Affair (Prod: Clin d’oeil Films | Dir: Tom Fassaert) and many other acclaimed films. Apart from that, we would like to draw your attention to a current call for a visiting documentary filmmaker at the Robert Morris University for their 2020 residency programme. If you're interested, please make sure to apply by 15 January 2020. A number of international EDN members have previously already participated in the programme. And lastly, we're happy to let you know that One World Media Awards is now open for entries with a submission deadline on 13 February. We encourage you to submit your work for this widely recognized event focusing on the best media coverage of developing countries, reflecting the social, political and cultural life of people around the globe.

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